Food & Drink Legislation & Slush Drinks

Food & Drink Legislation & Slush Drinks – Snowshock

AttentSlush syrupsion Symbol Group retailers
There are two new pieces of legislation coming into force which does not effect everyone but we believe they are likely to affect our Symbol Group Retailers in particular.

Calorie Labelling (out of home) 
We believe our Symbol Group and Contract Catering outlets will be required to implement the guidelines, which take effect 06.04.22
The image above is available and can be used at the point of ‘choice’ which can be menu boards and / or slush machines for example. Download below or they can be ordered from us by e.mail:
Snowshock & Fizzee Label
Frappina Label 

You can find the guidelines here: Calorie Labelling (out of home)

HFSS (High in Fat, Salt, Sugar) legislation is due to take effect in Oct 22.
This is to confirm that Snowshock Slush & Fizzee Slush are not restricted in any way by this legislation.
This is becase the products are either zero or low sugar below 4.4g per 100ml, zero fat & zero salt.
Frappina Iced Coffee is being re-formulated right now and so it will not be subject to this legislation either.
The guidelines are here

Sugar Tax (SDIL)
To confirm none of Snowshocks products are subject to SDIL and were not when the legislation came in to force.

Read HMRC guidance here.

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