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Fizzee Has Arrived!

There is an insatiable demand for fizzy slush, the time is right for retailers to cash in by bringing this product to their stores and satisfying the demand.

In creating Fizzee, we took the concept from the US and added our reowned special values to create an innovative, superior and bold product which has the best flavour, colour and texture. Now is your opportunity, with Fizzee the superior brand to reap the benefits of extra profits and increased footfall.

SnowShock Fizzee Machine

SnowShock Fizzee Machines are 3 flavour, floor standing machines. Most of the workings are housed within the unit itself, making for a hugely impressive point of sale unit.

Imported from the USA our machines are incredibly reliable and easy to use. There is virtually no maintenance, except for once a year and we will take care of that for you.

The fizzy slush market is set to explode here in the UK and will be here to stay. We have put all of our expertise into our six, exciting, trendy and fun flavours to make sure you drive profits and footfall to new highs.

You will receive a generous free stock pack with your machine, POS, warranty and many other benefits.


Fizzee Enquiry

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