Our Non-Paper Plastic Free Straws – Snowshock

Here at Showshock, we are dedicated to providing great quality – right down to the last straw! Find out about our bio-degradable plastic free straws on our site

Plastic Free Straw

  • Certified to international Biodegradable standard ASTM Biodegrade in natural conditions and leave no fragments, no methane and no harmful residues.
  • Straws are made from 100% environmentally friendly materials that will biodegrade much quicker and will have a low life-cycle impact on the environment.
  • Looks and feels exactly like plastic.
  • Certified plastic free (no PE, PP, PS, PVC or PET)
  • Not subject to UK legislation for single-use plastic – The Environmental Protection (Plastic Straws, Cotton Buds and Stirrers) (England) Regulations 2020)
  • Straws are suitable for disposal with food waste
  • Straws break down within two years if discarded into our environment.
  • Suitable for landfill, they would naturally breakdown into harmless, non-toxic gases (CO2, H20 and CaO), In fact: CaO positively aids soil fertility!
  • Suitable for an incinerator, then a harmless non-toxic gas would be produced

For years Snowshock have been on the lookout for a straw to replace single use plastic. In 2019 things changed, with a ban looming, the industry woke up and a slow but steady flow of alternatives began to emerge. With an in depth knowledge of alternative materials Snowshock looked closely at the new products being offered. From paper, that goes soggy, to re-usable metal to ‘so called’ compostable PLA and non of these options were truly suitable, until now……

Snowshock’s new plastic free, fully biodegradeable straw is available here to purchase online.

We sell millions of straws a year and finding a supplier who could also keep up with demand was a challenge, we had to rule out some great niche products. Now we are the UK’s first slush drinks company perfectly positioned to supply our customers with the very best alternative available.

We are proud that we can help ourselves, our customers and our consumers protect our precious environment.