The Class Leading Expert V Air Slush Machine

New for 2022 our revolutionary Expert V Air slush machine

Game changing technology like the Expert V-Air machine lets you get the most out of your space without sacraficing great taste. Find out how our innovations work on the Snowshock site.

Our Expert V Air slush machine featuring Carpigiani GBG V-Air technology is here and it’s a game changer. No other slush machine is packed with so many unique features and at a price that is far outweighed by its abilities.

A back to the drawing board view of slush machines was taken, drawing on our vast combined knowledge of the market where we outlined all of the practicalities that could be improved. The aim was to build the most advanced machine bar none and after patient development utilising all of Carpigiani’s technologies and patented designs, the Expert V Air is now fully market tested and available for sale at a price that proves to be excellent value for money.

The features that take this machine to the next level and sets it apart from everything else on the market include:

  • Upwards airflow – Machines can be stood side by side, an industry first, saving valuable counter space.
  • Programmable on / off – set & forget
  • Faster freeze – the fasted on the market and the most economical too
  • Touchscreen adjustment – to easily achieve the perfect product
  • Pull out air filter – no more removing panels
  • Quick defrost – for simpler quicker cleaning
  • Variable speed motors – for increased longevity
  • Ultra long life seals – for simpler maintainance

We offer trade in deals, payment terms and of course free stock to cover your outlay. Some outlets can qualify for Try B4 U Buy too. Read more here

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Expert Treble

Real life results

As part of our field testing we installed Expert V-Air machines in the Selfee Shop in the Metrocentre Gateshead right next to the Snowshock Regular machine so we could get a real time and direct comparison in Snowshock’s busiest shop. The results were dramatic.

  • Faster freezing and recovery when refilled.
  • More convenient filling with the flip top tank lids
  • Lower electricity consumption
  • Perfect product consistency
  • Cooler ambient temperature
  • Bigger selection = higher sales, same space

This shop also saves over £3650 per year in staffing alone. Since the machines switch to slush mode by themselves, the staff can start later each day. Also the defrost mode makes for quicker cleaning and with this many flavours, all of that time adds up.

It was thumbs up from the staff, who found the machines opperation to be far simplified and hard to go wrong with.

Selfee are now refitting the shop because with the Expert they can now fit four machines into the space they are currently using for three because the Expert machines can go side by side. They can now offer twelve flavours as opposed to nine from the same space. This increases ‘destination’ appeal and sales.

Read more about the Selfee shop here

View Expert V-Air on our site