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Euros Football Slush Promotion

Score Big with Snowshock's Euros Football Slush Promotion!

With the Euros kicking off on Friday 14th June 24, retailers are preparing their shops with eye catching offers and displays to make sure they cash in on this summers football tournament spending spree.

Talking Retail reported that consumers are ready to spend over £1billion on food and drink during the event – a welcome boost for independent retailers.

Snowshock’s Euros football slush promotion is the perfect addition to your Euro’s activity, here’s what you get:

What’s included?

  • Football Yard Cups: Available in ‘Come on Scotland’ Blue & White and ‘It’s Coming Home’ England Red & White.
  • Slush Flavors: Combine the two colors in our high-quality, football-lidded cups with included straws for the ultimate, long-lasting supporter celebration slush.
  • Refills: Offer refills to keep the excitement going game after game

Eachy combo Includes:

  • 1 case of 54 football-lidded 350ml yard cups.
  • 2 x 5L white lemonade.
  • Either 2 x 5L Blue Raspberry or 2 x 5L Red Strawberry.

Enjoy free next-working-day delivery and complimentary promotional posters to boost your sales

Beyond the Euros!

Our slush colours along with our black & white lidded Football Yard Cup can be combined for your customers to create the colours of any team, it doesn’t have to be just for the Euro’s. Our Football yard cups can be used at any time by any sports club to replicate their colours and celebrate their teams.

The Best Bit

Expect great profits! The profit margin on your football promotion cups will be 70-80%. There’s 54 pieces per case, making stock control a walk in the park.

Get ready to score big with Snowshock’s Euros Football Slush Promotion!

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