Drinks to Go sector

Drinks to Go - officially a 'category'

We all know Food to Go has been in huge growth over the last decade or so and drinks were kind of tagged onto this. The market is now developing further and at a fast pace. Having seen the popularity and extra income drinks such as slush & coffee bring, savvy retailers are installing dedicated Drinks to Go areas in their shops, with a whole range of products. Slush, Carbonated Slush, Milkshake, Ice Cream, Iced Coffee and Coffee being the obvious additions to their stores.

Drinks to Go has become its own category and so long as they choose the right products retailers will feel the benefits for many years to come.

Why? Simply because all of these products are high margin, have large demand, bring excitement to the shop with customers serving themselves and are therefore driving footfall. They also give shops a major point of difference over their competitors, we can’t really see Tesco Express or Sainsbury’s Local pulling this off anytime soon! Independant retailers are flexible and agile and can respond quickly to consumers and can easily pull off inovations like a wall of drinks to go machines.

Although installing a wall of drinks machines is not straightforward. There are considerations to be made over water supply, power, ventillation consumer behaviour, flow, etc. and they really need to be planned properly to get it right first time.



With 18 years in the business Snowshock have accumulated more knowledge than any other company in the market and are the true experts. They have been gearing up for this turning point in the market for years now and developing their range to cater for it, Snowshock are the only supplier with all of the right products under one roof! It’s so much easier with one expert & efficient supplier.


The majority of Snowshock’s staff are long term employees and know their stuff, anyone looking into Drinks to Go can book a no commitment and free consultation, we are happy to come along and advise, so they can get it right first time. There is also a showcase shop in the Metrocentre, featuring all of these products near Newcastle where retailers can get a personal tour and learn how it all comes together, seeing it in operation helps retailers build their own plans.

The range

Frappina – is the only ready to drink, dispensed iced coffee in the UK, it is fantatsically popular and growing every year. Frappina is also available as a chocolate milkshake and an Iced Mocha.

Fizzee – is the UK’s newest, tastiest and best value carbonated slush. Ownership of your machine and, large free stock pack and a rewards program make Fizzee the sensible choice. You can’t buy Fizzee in cans or bottles which gives it a strong advantage when it comes to unbeatable sales.

Snowshock – still the strongest seller & Britians favourite slush. It is now easier to add muliple machines then ever before. And the newest development is their Specialist machines which can be stood side by side with another machine, no need for a large ventillation space between machines, space is valuable right? It also features a top exit vent, which makes ventillation far easier to handle.

Ice cream – the real profit in ice cream is a good soft ice cream dispenser. The soon to be launched, compact, high performace yet efficient machine from Snowshock is more than capable of meeting any shops needs. Self serve is definately an option and easier than you think to set up. Snowshock’s set up for Self Serve Ice Cream is a game changer in it’s simplicity and tried and tested operation . If you’re selling the cartridge type Ice Cream, you’ve already proven that you need a proper Ice Cream machine to make real profits.