What are customers looking for from their local convenience store over Christmas?

It might feel like convenience stores don't have a place around this time of year, but you'd be very wrong.

Big supermarkets and large shopping centres boom over the Christmas period “ with many spending the whole year investing in a tear-jerker ad to hit televisions screens in November. It might feel like convenience stores don’t have a place around this time of year, but you’d be very wrong.
Convenience stores can offer something the big stores can’t “ they’re local, and small, making it easy to run in and grab the key ingredient for your Christmas dinner you forgot all to pick up!

Open during unsociable hours

More and more convenience stores are opening over Christmas “ for the hours the bigger shops won’t, giving them the edge during the festive period. With most shops shutting early on Christmas eve “ your local corner shop might be the only place to go when you’ve ran out of sellotape at the last minute! Some corner shops are even opening on Christmas day itself “ some even saying that it is their most successful day of the year.

Comfort food

Like any celebratory time of year, great food that makes us feel happy is a massive part of Christmas. It’s a time when we like to treat ourselves “ and each other! Make sure your more indulgent treats remain very much on display, and that includes your Snowshock slush. It might seem like more of a summer drink, but many of us like to go back to our childhood favourites during the festive season “ so make sure the traditional flavours are on display!!

Click and collect

With more Christmas shopping done online now more than ever “ setting up a click and collect service (and a return service) in your store can be just what your locals need. It’s a great way to engage with local customers who’ve never come to you before. You’ll be able to meet some new customers and when they see what else you have to offer, they’ll definitely be coming back!

Premium ranges

A quarter of British consumers visit convenience shops every day, according to the Association of Convenience Stores, and more people are choosing to buy little and often, rather than having to brace themselves for a ˜big shop’. Stocking a premium range, in some party favourites, could make you very popular with the locals. When more people are throwing parties but don’t necessarily have the time or energy to face a supermarket during such a busy period, your premium range party food could be just what they need!

Stock the necessities

Alcohol, batteries, sellotape and Christmas cards will be exactly the sort of thing your customers will be hoping you stock! Nobody wants to run out of alcohol at their big Christmas do “ and a busy parent is definitely most likely to forget to buy batteries for their children’s toys! Making sure you have these necessities in stock will let your customers know that you will be there for them when they need you most.

If you’re looking to offer something that can make your profits soar, why not try Snowshock. With 77% profit in every cup, you can’t go wrong!