Convenience Stores – Know Your Customer

Knowing your customer is key to any convenience store owner. We have outlined some classic customer types, see if you recognise them.

Knowing your customer is key to any convenience store owner. Whether it’s getting to know their likes and dislikes or knowing them well enough to pass the time of day and make their visit that little bit more pleasant, it all helps.

Below we have outlined some classic customer types, see if you recognise them.

Lunch Time Snacker

A mainstay of the convenience store trade. A full-time worker who nips in to grab lunch, briefly considers a salad but settles for a sandwich, a bag of crisps, a soft drink and maybe a treat to get themselves through the afternoon. Frappina is a great product to attract this category of shopper. Always has time to say hello and is a pleasure to serve.

The Regular

Comes in at the same time each day, whether to buy a paper first thing in the morning or a daily treat for their cat. You are part of their routine and provide a valuable service. You would miss each other if you weren’t there.

Ethical Buyer

Willing to spend that little bit extra for organically grown vegetables or for brands that are known for their ethical values. Will try and avoid buying anything with unnecessary packaging and will bring their own bags.

The Healthy Shopper

Popping in on their way to or from the gym they will stock up on fruit as part of their five a day regime and possibly grab a bottle of water. They will however occasionally treat themselves to a bar of chocolate, there’s no point in putting the hours in at the gym if you can’t reward yourself.

The Impulse Diners

They come in on their way home from work with no meal plan in mind and buy whatever takes their fancy. Could be pizza, could be a couscous salad or could just be a big bag of Haribo if they don’t wish to cook. Depending on the day of the week, they may accompany their evening meal with a glass of wine.

The Sports Fan

Usually only seen during big sporting events or tournaments. They buy in bulk whether it is trays of cans, family size backs of crisps and nuts, or enough pizza to get them through a four-week tournament.

They will always be in a hurry, so they don’t miss kick off but always have time to grab a handful of Panini stickers to go in their album.


The Excited Child

Your store is an Aladdin’s cave to them. So many wonderful things to choose from but they are told they can only have one. You know they are going to choose a Snowshock slush in the end, but it is fun watching them decide.

Treat them well, these children are your customers of the future and could one day become the Sports Fan, The Regular or the Impulse Diner.

Snowshock provide products for the whole range of customers. Whether it is our Fair Trade Frappina coffee for the Ethical Buyer, or the classic Mega Bubblegum Slush for the Excited Child.

To find out more about how you can delight your customers, contact our helpful Snowshock team today.