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Click & Collect Boom

Click & Collect Boom – Snowshock

As the digital environment has branched into every industry, it is no surprise that electronic methods of ordering have become the norm.

Whether you are a drinks retailer selling slushie drinks on demand or a community convenience retailer looking to offer your customers same-day meal solutions, the click and collect boom can help your business connect better with its customers.

Here, we will explore the rise of the click and collect boom and how this style of shopping is benefitting both businesses and their customers.

Is the demand for click and collect rising?

According to research from Barclaycard, click and collect was set to represent 8.4% of all retail spending in 2022, amounting to £42.4 billion in transactions for this type of ordering process. Whether it is your customers ordering their traditional grocery shop, ready to collect after work, or they want fast-tracked service on their clothing orders, click and collect adds efficiency and speed for your customers.

The click and collect process is expected to account for 11% of all online retail sales by 2025, with more businesses looking to introduce this measure and customers preferring a hybrid option when deciding how they will receive their purchases.

This is already proving possible, with companies who offered this method finding that their customers chose click and collect 40% of the time in 2022 – an increase from 37% in 2021.

Benefits of click and collect

Increased jobs

As the click and collect boom continues, it can be expected to create further job opportunities. In Wales alone, the click and collect service had created 6,900 jobs (as of 2022). This accounted for almost half of the whole retail workforce in Wales during the time – offering further job opportunities in the retail sector for people looking to be product pickers for companies.

Across the industry, the click and collect service supports 184,000 job roles – 7.4% of the whole retail workforce across the industry.

Better business awareness from customers

The click and collect boom is also effective for your business as it can help you increase your business and product awareness. By offering this delivery method, you can bring more people to your shop and target your customers with products and deals they may not have discovered in store, which might in turn encourage further purchases.

Click and collect services also encourage your customers to come into store to collect their purchases – this means that you can focus on enticing customers to purchase more while in shop by advertising product deals on the walk to the click and collect station – giving you the best of online and brick and mortar shopping.

Higher customer satisfaction

Another benefit of this form of purchasing products is the increase in customer satisfaction. By including click and collect as a delivery method, customers are given a wider range of choice, allowing them to purchase, and receive, their products at a time convenient to them.

By giving your customers the choice of buying in store, online for collection, or delivery, you can give them a more enjoyable experience which fits within their routine. In fact, more than nine in 10 customers will choose their retailer based on convenience, so offering further delivery options could result in happier customers. And higher customer satisfaction can lead to more consumer loyalty and profitability for your business.

The click and collect boom is not only beneficial for the customers, but it is also a great service to help enhance the success of your business. Whether it is through successfully advertising online and in-shop, or improving the customer experience to gain loyal customers, click and collect can ensure the retail industry is as efficient and convenient as possible. In time, this can lead to further purchases, booming business, and increased job opportunities.