Celebrate the Royal Wedding at your store

The Royal Wedding provides a great opportunity to get to know your community better and have some fun in your convenience store.

Celebrate the Royal Wedding at your store

Just because you and your customers haven’t received a personal invite from Harry and Meghan, it doesn’t mean you can’t all celebrate the big day!

The Royal Wedding provides a great opportunity to get to know your community better and have some fun in your convenience store. Joining in the festivities, either by putting up some bunting or by holding a street party, will get the all the locals involved and will show your community spirit. Let’s have some fun – the royal way!

Royal Slush

Let’s start with your Snowshock slush. Simply order in Strawberry Blast, blue Blue Raspberry and Frosty Lemonade syrups to make a red, white and blue slush. Your very Royal slush could be teamed up with a special deal, or maybe you could decorate it with miniature British (and American!) flags. This mix of summer fruits won’t only look regal, it will taste good too and be perfect for the weather.

Stock up on all things British

Scones, cake, Earl Grey tea and themed party plates will be very useful to customers looking to throw their own Royal Wedding viewing party! Provide everything they’ll need to join in the festivities, and maybe throw in a few deals to encourage them to buy more and invite some friends round on the big day.

Why not host a street party?

If you want to get to know the locals better, and create some customer loyalty, the best way to do that would be to hold your own street party!

As a convenience store, you probably speak to many of your neighbours every day when they pop in, so you’ll have ample opportunity to hand out invitations and ask for willing helpers. Using your store to bring the street together is a fantastic way to find new customers – and new friends, of course!

Councils are being encouraged to waive road closures fees during the weekend of the wedding and it should take around 3 – 10 weeks to plan it with the council (depending on their rules). You’ll need to check in with every house on the street, get their permission and also get them involved! It will take a team effort to pull off a party like this – and working together will help you to start building relationships.

On the day, you’ll need to make sure your Snowshock machine is stocked up with your royal colours for kids and adults alike, and there must be endless amounts of tea and cake. This will require effort from everyone, but by taking charge, you’ll be showing your customers that you care about the community you serve.


Flags and bunting are a must when it comes to a Royal wedding! Take some time to decorate your store to show your sense of celebration. It won’t take long, and everything you need will be easy to find, as you won’t be the only one taking part in the festivities. Don’t forget, the FA cup final is airing on the same day, so you could always put up a few football themed decorations too! You don’t need to completely cover your store in Union Jacks, but a bit of effort and some bunting will cheer your shop up for the weekend, draw attention to your Royal Slush and get everyone excited for the big day!