We all know what SnowShock is the kids’ favourite when it comes to slush but that’s not all we do. We have a wide range of products to appeal to all ages and tastes.

From Iced Fruits to Frozen Cocktails we have something to tickle your taste buds and pick up your profits.


Frozen Cocktails

The cocktail revolution has well and truly begun and sales of cocktails are set to rise by 10% in the UK this year.

Did you know that SnowShock has its very own cocktail range with five fantastic flavours? Whether you’re a fan of the recently voted nation’s favourite, the Mojito, or you prefer the Mexican Margarita, or the sophisticated Strawberry Daiquiri we have a cocktail for you.

Perfect for pubs, clubs and restaurants, each slush machine comes with free stock to cover its cost. With party season fast approaching, can you afford not to have your very own frozen cocktail machine?


Iced Fruit

Every SnowShock slush is full of flavour but our Iced Fruit range is also packed with goodness with 75% real fruit in each of our six syrup flavours. Whether you want the zing of lemon and lime or the tropical taste of mango and orange we have a fruity flavour to help you on your way to five a day.

With each slush giving a 59% gross profit you’ll be left with a healthy bank balance as well.




We offer a range of accessories to help you promote and maintain your SnowShock products. We have everything from posters to flags and pavement signs.

Let people know that you are a SnowShock stockist and they will flock through the door.

Never run out of cups and straws including our popular twister cups and exciting new edible straws and keep the customers coming back with our loyalty cards.


Check out our wide range of products on our website and contact us for advice on all of your SnowShock needs.