What are the best-selling items in convenience stores?

We take a look at the top convenience store products. Make sure your store stocks up on these best money making items.

What are the best-selling items in convenience stores?

Tastes change over the years, but it is reassuring that the staples that have stood us in good stead through the decades, continue to be the big sellers. We take a look at the top convenience store products.


It’s unsurprising that alcohol still has top spot with Smirnoff’s Vodka being the most popular brand in convenience stores. Mixing vodka with energy drinks has become big business in the last ten years and we have now added Energy Cocktail slush to our range.

Cocktail culture has never been more popular with amateur mixologists experimenting at home. Beer and cider are no longer enough as drinkers look for more sophisticated tastes.

Strawberry Daiquiri was recently voted the nations favourite cocktail and that has seen a rise in sales of white rum. Strawberry Daiquiri is also one of the bestsellers in the Snowshock Frozen Cocktails range, fuelled by the popularity of sophisticated cocktails up and down the country.


We all love a crisp. Despite the massive selection on offer, the classic Walker’s flavours still top the list. The perfect snack or accompaniment to a drink, crisps are the second top seller in all of their various forms within convenience stores. Pringles is the second best-selling crisp and with both the top brands having massive advertising budgets, it reflects the power of marketing and a strong brand.

Snowshock has a range of promotional materials and accessories available to mark your store out as one that stocks market leading brands that you can trust.

Soft Drinks

In third place, and a particular favourite of the team here at Snowshock, is soft drinks. Coca-Cola has topped the table for years now, but consumers are willing to move away from the traditional soft drink mainstays. Slush is taking a much bigger share of the market than it has ever done before. The wide range of colours and flavours in our classic Slush Syrup range appeal to the children where the healthy options in our Iced Fruit range appeal to the adults looking for a healthy hit.

Irn-Bru will always be the favourite soft drink in Scotland but did you know that Snowshock have an Irn-Bru flavoured slush syrup available?


Bread is in fourth spot with the equivalent of 12 million loaves sold each day. That’s a lot of bread. With 76% of bread sold in the UK being white, the standard loaves from Kingsmill, Warbutons and Hovis all get in the top ten individual products sold in convenience stores.

Whatever your customers are popping into your convenience shop to buy, there is a perfect opportunity to upsell and maybe they would be interested in a slush.

To find out more about our range and how you can make unto 77% profit in every cup, contact our Snowshock team today on 0330 053 6132.