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Adjusting slush machine freeze

Adjusting slush machine freeze

How to adjust slush machine freezing. Here’s our expert guide on getting it right.

Each tank on a commercial slush machine works independently and has it’s own adjustments. Most slush machines have a mechanical adjustment and some newer models like the Snowshock Expert V Air have electronic adjustments.


It is normal to have to adjust the freeze settings from time to time and it’s useful to know how to do it. If you’re not happy with the consistency of the slush (*and your certain its not down to the mix as explained later), it’s time to make an adjustment. You may have to do this for a number of reasons including:

  • If the ambient temperature changes.
  • The position of the machine.
  • Your slush recipe.

*Please note, the first thing to check if your machine isn’t freezing as it should is the slush mix. If it is under or over diluted it will change the consistency of the slush. If this happens discard the slush mix and start again with a correct mix.

What should slush be like?

At Snowshock our slush syrups are designed to make slush that is frozen but slightly sloppy. Over frozen slush won’t hold it’s flavour and is not enjoyed by consumers. Under frozen slush does not provide the same satisfaction as a slush made correctly either.

How to make adjustments

If your machine has electronic adjustments refer to the manufacturers manual to adjust the settings.

If your machine has mechanical adjustments, our video below, which shows hot to adjust Snowshock slush machines may help you with yours even if its a different make.

Here is a handy on-line tool to help you adjust your slush machine setting too.

The Snowshock YouTube channel is full of slush machine related help, have a look.