Regular Treble Slush Machine with Fast Freeze – Refurbished

  • Best seller
  • W67 cm x D52cm x H81cm
  • Holds 180 cups when full (sml)
  • Perfect for high demand outlets

A great value machine, lightly used, Regular Treble Slush Machine offers high performance and maximum visual impact at a low price. With

£2,798.00 £2,398.00 (Ex VAT) £2,877.60 (Inc VAT)

These machines represent real bargains. Often our customers upgrade their machines, sometimes after just a week or two. Such machines have only had short term use, are in prime working order and almost as new. We refresh them, fully test them, re-box them & stick 12 months warranty on them, ready for their new owner.

  • Includes 6 months onsite warranty.
  • Holds 180 cups when full (sml)
  • Easy set-up guide
  • Mechanically perfect
  • There may be slight cosmetic imperfections including small scratches to tanks, lids or panels

These slush machines sell out very quickly, so buy now to avoid disappointment.

By purchasing SnowShock’s Pre-Owned Regular Treble Slush Machine you qualify for free stock to the value of the machine. Once we receive your order – we will call you to take your free stock options. Choose from the following options:

Full Range of Flavours

Receive 20 bottles worth of free stock – Choose from any of our 12 brilliant slush flavours, including Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, Sour Apple, Sour Cherry, Bubblegum, Lemon & Lime, Dark Cherry, Mango, Irn-Bru, Exotic Fruits, Classic Cola & Lemonade.

All options come with

  • 1000 branded cups (500 small, 300 regular, 200 super)
  • 1000 Scoop straws
  • A SnowShock Poster Pack
  • SnowShock Point of Sale material

Regular or Compact?

For high footfall outlet or outlets that have peaks in demand, for example after school, then our Regular machines are advised rather than Compact models. Regular machines hold 12 litres per container. This means keeping it filled is easier for busy outlets, running out at peak times is less likely than with one of our Compact machines.

The extra cost, in busy shops can represent only a few days sales and are less demanding on labour.

Twin or Treble machine?

Offering three flavours is highly recommended. It is quickly becoming the norm to offer three flavours as retailers look to get the edge over their competitors. By offering a better range, combined with Snowshock’s superior quality, you can clean up.

The Regular Treble machine is the top of the range and its performance is ample for very busy outlets.

Even Faster Freeze upgrade?

Not having your slush ready costs you sales and profit. We have a Faster Freeze upgrade available when you select your machine. These machines out perform all standard machines and are used in very high turnover outlets.

SnowShock’s Pre-Owned Regular Treble Slush Machine offers the following benefits: NO PLUMBING REQUIRED, NORMAL 13AMP SOCKET IS ALL THAT IS NEEDED.

  • W 67cm x D 52cm x H 81cm
  • Economical – only 1000w
  • 3 x 12 litre tanks
  • Weight: 120kg aprox (when full)
  • High performance freeze, 25-35 mins
  • Holds 180 cups when full (sml)
  • Low energy nightime mode
  • Cable length 1½ metres

Use our simple mixing system to mix concentrate with water. Fill the machine and it will do the rest. You only clean & maintain it once per month and there is NO WASTE.

SnowShock offer affordable payment options to suit all our customers’ needs. The process is simple and you could have your machine in a matter of a day or two. Spread the cost of your new machine over 3 or 6 month.

Please call us on 0330 053 6132 (same price to call as 01 or 02 landlines – including from mobiles) today and our friendly customer services