How much does it cost to run a slush machine?

Tips on how to make a real difference to running costs

  • Pre chill diluted bottles of slush before using in the slush machine
  • Clean the air intake regularly
  • Allow good clearance around the machine
  • Leave on through out the day, stop starting the machine is a false economy
  • Our New Expert Slush machine uses upto 30% less energy, it makes sense to upgrade

Find your Snowshock machine on the table below to see how much your machine could cost to run based on 35p per KWH and 12 hours per day running.

Approximate running cost per day by model          
KW per hr Hours per day Cost per KWH Likely per day Max per day
Compact single 0.3 12 £0.35 £0.79 £1.26
Compact double 0.65 12 £0.35 £1.71 £2.73
Compact treble 0.7 12 £0.35 £1.84 £2.94
Regular single 0.35 12 £0.35 £0.92 £1.47
Regular double 0.65 12 £0.35 £1.71 £2.73
Regular treble 0.9 12 £0.35 £2.36 £3.78
Expert double 0.6 12 £0.35 £1.15 £2.52
Expert treble 0.9 12 £0.35 £1.72 £3.78
Fizzee treble 1.8 12 £0.35 £4.73 £7.56
Frappina single 0.18 12 £0.35 £0.47 £0.76

Working out the average power consumption for a slush machine depends on variable factors like: how many times is is filled up and has to re-freeze, what the ambient temperature is, whether the air intake is clear and the temperature of the slush when it is put in. Here in the ‘likely per day column’ we are giving you the average case scenario based on good operating conditions. Note the ‘Max per day column’, the daily cost cannot be higher than this because machines only use full power when freezing or chilling down. The calculations above are based on 35p per KWH, you would need to use your own rate to get an accurate cost. The calculations also assume 12 hours operating time.