Frappina Dispenser

Frappina Dispensed Iced Coffee

Frappina is a ready to drink, super chilled coffee and milk beverage. Customers adore the cold, refreshing and rich coffee taste of 100% Arabica Fairtrade coffee beans alongside a smooth and lightly sweetened satisfying delight!

How it works:

Rent one of our dispensers for a low monthly payment. Your starter pack of supplies is extra and will include everything you need to get started, concentrate, stylish branded cups, lids, straws and POS.

Simply mix our concentrate with milk (UHT or Fresh, Semi or Whole). Pour it into the dispensers internal tank, which chills it to around 2 degrees C. The dispenser is perfect for self serve and is so narrow it fits into the smallest of spaces.

Profit margins with Frappina are excellent and will ensure you take full advantage of this fast growing market.

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Iced Coffee is a rapidly growing market, why not meet your customers demands by selling it?

We make it simple with no need to invest in the dispenser. With our low cost – no ties rental, it couldn’t be easier to get started.

Zero VAT product
No capital outlay
Easy in – Easy out rental agreement
Low cost start up
Very low energy requirement
No plumbing
No maintainence
Minimal waste
Just add milk to our concentrate

W 24cm
D 55cm
H 90cm
Power 100w

Interested? Fill out the form below or call us 0330 0536132

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