With the Summer officially upon us, we thought we’d give you a rundown of our top 5 Slush Mix Flavours that you can stock up your Snowshock Slush Machine with this Summer:-


1. Strawberry Slush – the original and still the very best – our SnowShock strawberry slush syrup is a perfect (and more affordable) alternative to the pre-Wimbledon snack of strawberries and cream. Our delicious strawberry syrup is made using fresh strawberry flavours with the best taste around. This flavour has been a best seller since the 1980’s, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop this Summer! SNOWSHOCK TOP TIP - If you own a bar, why not use the strawberry syrup to create a Wimbledon inspired frozen cocktail?


2. Blue Raspberry Syrup – Another one of our best sellers and timeless flavours, our blue raspberry slush puppie type flavour looks like its set to steal the show. With its slightly tangy, juicy flavour and distinctive blue colour, this refreshing slush mix has continued to sell itself through the summer months. SNOWSHOCK TOP TIP – Why not offer your customers a mixed slush of 2 of our best selling flavours – strawberry and blue raspberry syrup, the best of both worlds?


3. Sour Apple Slush – A tangy sour apple slush puppie type flavour which is bound to please your customers. This sour summer slush is a hit with kids – we have seen a rise in our sour slush syrup products over recent years and 2015 is no different. SNOWSHOCK TOP TIP – If you own a bar and frozen cocktail machine, this sour apple flavour makes great frozen apple martini cocktails!


4. Bubblegum Syrup – This Summer slush favourite is nostalgia in a cup. The bubblegum flavour is sweet and delicate with a light blue colouring. Kids love this flavour, which is why it’s becoming one of our top selling slush puppie type mix syrups here at SnowShock. SNOWSHOCK TOP TIP – Why not ask your customers if they want a twister cup? They can re-fill them all Summer long with our delicious SnowShock products.


5. Exotic Fruit Slush Syrup – The name says it all. This Caribbean inspired flavour with orange, peaches and pineapple tastes like a holiday in a cup! With a sunny orange colour and zesty, fresh flavour, this exotic flavour is bound to be a hit with your Summer customers. SNOWSHOCK TOP TIP – For adults, why not mix this slush syrup with a coconut rum spirit to create a mouthwatering Summer alcoholic frozen cocktail?


We hope you found this blog article useful. If you'd like to stock up on these delicious Summer flavours, please check out our 'Slush Syrup' section.