At SnowShock, we love nothing more than receiving feedback from our clients about the POS material that we provide, and it’s even better to see our products displayed with pride around businesses nationwide - which is the basis of our Social Media competition. 

We’d like to see how you are displaying your SnowShock slush materials within your business. If you could tweet your images to @SnowshockSlush or send your images to our Club SnowShock Facebook page – we’ll select our favourites and publish them onto our site in August.

We’re extremely proud of our eye-catching brand design.  Our point of sale materials and slush machines all contain our iconic ‘yeti’ design which makes our brand instantly recognisable to our customers.

Below is a few of our favourite example images of how SnowShock slush machines and materials can be displayed within your business.

 One of our largest SnowShock stockists!


Nisa Local, Priory Road

We will always send you a FREE POSTER PACK with every order placed with us, and send you new materials at the beginning of every New Year – another way of advertising our products to ensure you are making the most out of your SnowShock slush products.

Why not browse through our range of Slush Machines and Soft ice cream machines today? We’ve also launched our new ‘Frappino Iced Drinks’ range, something different for your customers to make you stand out from the competition.

Contact us today to place your order and keep your pictures coming – we love them!

Club SnowShock