How to ramp up SnowShock slush sales this summer


The clocks have gone back, weather is finally warming up and the nights are lighter. The Beast from the East seems to have slunk away and it’s looking like summer may be just around the corner.

Slush is a difficult sell over the winter period but summer is coming and you’re going to be making some fantastic SnowShock sales over the next six months! It’s now time to look at your sales plan, and how you’re going to make the most of the great weather.


Check the school holidays

When do the schools near you break up? You don’t know? Give it a Google before you do anything else. You don’t want to run out of stock halfway through the holidays, so mark it on your calendars! Don’t forget that many schools often break up a few days before the holidays officially start, so make sure your SnowShock machine is stocked and ready to go in advance. Kids are by far your number one customer when it comes to slush – don’t let them down!
But if you do find your stocks running low at a crucial point in the half term, don’t worry – we offer next day delivery (if you order before 3pm), so you will be up and running and making sales in no time.


Shout about SnowShock

Have you ordered our free point-of-sale materials? If you haven’t taken advantage of our posters, loyalty cards and flavour labels – now is the time! Make sure you add them to your order when you’re stocking up, so everyone knows that you’ve got a refreshing slush waiting for them inside your store.


Do something different
SnowShock should be full focus on warm days – so why not make it a more prominent feature in your store? From flags and pavement signs, to our new KidZone, there are so many ways you could draw attention to your SnowShock offering. Maybe it’s time to put your SnowShock machine at the front of the store, or in the middle of your counter, rather than out of the way. Why not order some new exciting flavours – few slush machines will be able to offer Mango Burst, Seriously Sour Apple or Cherry Licious slush, and the colours are eye-catching too!


Time for an upgrade?
Your machine may be fine in the winter – but is it fast enough, or large enough, to cope with the summer months? Are you spending a lot of time refilling your machine, or would you like to offer more flavours? If your machine is starting to struggle under demand, it might be time for a bigger machine.  Many of our machines offer a faster freeze upgrade – which reduces recovery time by up to 50%. We don’t just offer single machines – twin and triple machines are also available, in a variety of sizes. Remember, if you do choose to upgrade, you can trade in your old machine for £400 and you will receive free stock with your purchase, so you can start selling slush straight away!


If you haven’t purchased a SnowShock machine yet, we highly recommend installing one now rather than later. You’ll be just in time to catch the summer custom, and with 77% profit in every cup, you can’t lose! Chat to one of our Snowshock experts on 0330 053 6132.