Product launch – Frappino Iced Coffee

With the the first signs of tulips introducing spring, our thoughts turn to warmer days and enjoying a cool, refreshing drink. At SnowShock we know all about producing the highest quality slush drinks, enjoyed by both children and adults alike but there is a new and exciting iced drink for you to enjoy. Our new product iced coffee Frappino.

Coffee shops have had a meteoric rise in the last decade and iced coffee has really taken off in the past couple of years. As leaders in the iced beverage market we have introduced our own Frappino brand to combine the refreshing quality we are known for with an added caffeine boost.


Why should I drink Iced Coffee?

First and foremost, it’s refreshing with a caffeine kick, just what you need to get your day off to a good start.

It’s quick to drink. We all lead busy lives and who has time for coffee to cool so we don’t scald ourselves by sipping through that tiny hole in the lid? All you need to do is pop the straw in and away you go.

It tastes great. If you’re a coffee drinker and haven’t tried Frappino yet, you are missing out. It adds a whole new dimension of taste to the discerning coffee drinker.


Growing market

In 2016, an estimated £338m was spent on iced and blended beverages in UK coffee shops and that amount is rising year on year. Part of this is down to iced coffee not just being a novelty drink in the summer but an all year-round staple. An estimated one in five consumers have replaced a hot drink with an iced coffee as their morning pick me up.

It is very much ‘on trend’ with millennials looking to grab one on the way to the office or for a quick caffeine hit before embarking on a workout at the gym.


Fair Trade

We take our ethical responsibilities seriously so all our Frappino coffee is Fair Trade, made with the finest Arabica beans to offer a smooth, pleasantly sweetened satisfying taste.

We offer both a single and twin dispenser, the coffee, ready to serve via a bag in box along with two sizes of cups, domed lids and jumbo straws so your customers have the perfect iced coffee drink ready to go.

Don’t miss out, get a Frappino machine in your store and see your profits soar.

If you would like to know more about how your business can cash in on this growing market, contact our helpful team on 0330 053 6132 or and ask about our fantastic Frappino brand.