As an independent store holder, you are always looking for the best way to make maximum returns from your investments. For that you need to be one step ahead of the trends in food and drinks. Currently, the rise in sales of superior quality slush show no signs of cooling off.

Why choose SnowShock?

More and more local stores are realising the fantastic profit returns of our quality SnowShock Slush. Our superior quality slush syrup comes in a fantastic range of flavours ensuring your customers always return for more.

The SnowShock slush machine is built by leading industry manufacturer, Carpigiani and is the only commercial slush machine that comes with a lifetime warranty.

Maximising profits

Profits of up to £60k per year have been reported from our busiest clients, running multiple SnowShock slush machines on a self-service counter where kids enjoy mixing flavours and colours. The machines draw in customers, drive footfall and provide opportunities for sales of other lines within the store.

With a profit of 77% in every cup, SnowShock slush provides fantastic investment opportunities for any convenience store. Each 5 litre bottle of slush syrup makes up to 165 refreshing cups of slush.

Award Winning Slush Syrup

Our award-winning, mouth-watering fruity flavours will not lose their colour or taste after a few sips like some inferior brands of slush syrup.

Our superior slush syrup flavours include the ever-popular Raspberry and Strawberry as well as Sour Apple, Lemonade, Bubblegum, Sour Cherry and Irn-Bru! We even have flavours for special days in the calendar like our Halloween range which includes Berry’d Alive - a deep red, Sweet Berry flavour and Witch’s Drool - a seriously fruity green kiwi.

One of your Five-a-day

SnowShock offer much more than superior slush syrup. Health conscious stores can look to the Iced Fruit range which contains 75% real fruit. These days parent are choosing healthier options for their kids wherever possible. Kids all want slush! These hydrating and refreshing drinks for kids and adults alike even contain one of your five-a-day.

With plenty of team support and free stock with your machine order, SnowShock really is a n"ice" and easy way to make a profit!