We pride ourselves on the superior quality of our slush machines, all made by Carpigiani, the world’s leading manufacturer for over 60 years. Not only do they look the business, they essentially offer longevity and unrivalled reliability and are sold with the industry’s only lifetime warranty. Our friendly customer support team are there to help. You can ring our service hotline with any query and on the rare occasion that a machine is down, we aim to have an engineer get you up and running again within 48 hours.


Clean and Hygienic

Like all quality investments, your Slush machine needs care and attention. The outside of the machine should be rubbed down regularly with a mild detergent and warm water and buffed with a dry cloth to keep your machine hygienic and looking its very best for your customers. Special attention should be given to the tap and tray, especially where your machine is self-service and used by lots of little hands!

A full internal clean is recommended once a month. Your tank can be cleaned using mild detergent and lukewarm water and rinse. Lids can be simply wiped clean. You can use this downtime to check and maintain your machine for optimum delivery of perfect SnowShock slush to your happy SnowShock Slush customers.


Machine Maintenance

Here are some simple tips and fixes we’ve put together to help:
Light not working – The M91, 10watt, 12v bulb can be found in any DIY store or supermarket. Simply, remove the screw caps from the oval part of the lid and fit your replacement.

Leaky tap – lubricate the hinge part of the tap on the fixture to the tank. This should help the tap to fully close and stop any further leak. For the Compact machine, lubricate the white rubber part of the tap. For this you will need to temporarily empty your tank and pull the tap pin out, drop the tap plunger and spring out then lubricate the white rubber part of the plunger and refit. If this still results in a leaky tap then you will need to order your replacement rubber double lip piston to refit into the machine.

Machine is taking a long time to freeze – This is probably due to poor airflow. The air filter can be found by removing the left-hand side panel of the machine. Simply take off the black plastic semi-circular cover to remove the filter and clean it of any dust and replace. If this doesn’t work, adjust the freeze setting on the back of the tank by inserting a screwdriver into the red slot and move the pointer down slightly, by half a notch every 15 minutes until the correct setting is found.



Our simple machine maintenance guides can be found on our website and include easy to follow pictures. For all other questions you can rely on our knowledgeable service team for support.