Read all about it! Exciting developments at SnowShock!

We've got not one, but two fantastic new product releases (including a UK first!) that we know you are going to love. Designed to attract more sales and bring you even more profit, you’ll not want to miss this.

We're delighted to announce the launch of SnowShock KidZone. Everyone loves slush – but kids love it best!

We can provide your store with a custom built Kidzone, where your younger clientele can indulge in slush, snacks and sweets in a bright, colourful area made with them in mind.

Not only is our KidZone eye-catching and inviting, our slush machines fit perfectly into the unit, and the cup dispensers keep our branded cups clean and tidy. Your choice of stock on the accompanying shelves is entirely up to you - but if you push your high margin confectionary along with our slush, you're sure to be onto a winner!
KidZone also allows for children to pick their own colour combinations and pour their SnowShock slush themselves - children will delight in being able to pour and mix their own slush in their chosen varieties.

Remember, every SnowShock machine comes with free stock to allow you to start making a profit as soon as possible. With a free lifetime warranty and typical 10 - 15 year machine life across our entire range - installing SnowShock isn't just a profitable decision, it's a sensible one. Not only are you guaranteed our support - your customers will thank you!

And that's not all...

We have been so excited about this product, we're delighted to finally tell you all about it!
Introducing our all new edible Candy straws. This is an innovative, UK first that you cannot get anywhere else. Our amazing Candy Straws are flavoured slush straws, that stay solid until your slush is finished - and when it is, you can start munching!

A great edition to any of our SnowShock drinks, and gives you the opportunity to upsell for some tasty profits.

You can choose from strawberry, lime or lemon straws, and you can have the advantage above every other slush seller in your area - Candy Straws are only available to SnowShock customers! We're expecting these to sell out quickly, so don't miss out!

With Candy Straws and KidZone - kids will be flocking to grab SnowShock slush from you! With the opportunity to make 77% profit with us - what are you waiting for? Order online now, or get in touch today.