There's something childishly fun about a slushie. Sipping one evokes memories of long hot summer days without a care in the world. Now we adults can have our slush and drink it. The trend for frozen cocktails has been on a steady rise for the last few years with no signs of it slowing down. From America and Australia to the hippest bars in the underbelly of trendy East London, the frozen cocktail has risen to the height of ice cool.

Cool Trends

Even supermarkets have jumped on the bandwagon selling cocktails in bags ready to freeze at home. Alcoholic ice pops are popping up from Selfridges to Aldi in almost every flavour from Pimms through prosecco to classic G&T and we are loving them. It’s so hot to be ice cold right now.

More bars are choosing to invest in a cocktail slush machine. Positioned visible to the customer, the striking colours and cool, refreshing look are an easy choice. There really is no better way to cool down on a warm summer evening.

Choose Quality

The SnowShock frozen slush machine is an eye catching, dazzling machine. Built to look good, freeze fast and stand the test of time.

Our superior quality, award-winning syrups come in a variety of flavours and colours. Margarita cocktail syrup is an eye-catching zesty lime green and a firm favourite. Serve with tequila and triple sec for an authentic classic and zingy refreshing cocktail. The berry red Strawberry Daiquiri syrup is the most popular choice in the UK and a real crowd pleaser. Mixed with white or dark rum, customers are delighted with its deliciously rich fruity flavour. Mojito cocktail syrup is another classic with fresh flavours of mint and sugar. Mixed with rum it’s an icy twist on a true Cuban classic. Blue Lagoon and Energy cocktail syrups are perfect to get the party up and going all night long! Of course, the choice is yours how you serve. Pitchers or by the glass, add alcohol to the machine or to the glass after pouring, or add fruit juices or purees to make a multitude of adaptations to suit your customer and give your bar it’s own twist and signature style. No pricy mixologist required!

Whether you’re a bar or hotel, festival or event planner, you really need to consider the benefits of a quality, ice cool slush machine and some superior quality frozen cocktail syrup which will see your coolest of customers stay cool all night long.