What's Better than a Straw? An Edible Straw!

We are like a kid in a candy store delighted to announce that SnowShock has become the first company in the UK to offer tasty edible straws to go with your delicious SnowShock Slush. The edible straw is the perfect partner for your slush. Just like a normal straw, they will not soften on use but then the candy straw can be gobbled up after your drink is finished for an extra tasty treat.


Fun and Friendly

Not only are our edible straws a flavoursome and fun addition to your slush, they are environmentally friendly too. Our edible straws provide the perfect responsible and sustainable alternative. Fun and Eco-friendly!


Straw Wars

As a stockist you can have the exciting point of difference from any local competition with the addition of the colourful candy straw which kids will go crazy for. Besides being functional, they are an enticing treat to look forward to once your drink is finished. And they’re not just for kids, bars can truly pimp up a frozen cocktail with the appetising addition of a lemon or lime edible straw.


Full of flavour

As you know at SnowShock we are crazy about quality and flavour. Our new edible straws are available in either lemon or lime to go with all of our SnowShock Slush Syrup range. Mix it up and try a lemon edible straw in your Blue Raspberry Slush or a lime straw in your Strawberry Slush for a mouth-watering taste sensation.


The Final Straw

These clever suckers are a pioneering product upsell to go with your SnowShock slush. Of course, there is a cost element to the addition of this candy straw so we recommend you upsell your drink by 30p to make sure you make yourself a double tasty profit.