Buying a slush machine is a long term investment that will provide fantastic lifetime value for your business, but only by making an informed decision.

There is an age old saying: “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”. Making the right choice in buying a quality Snowshock machine, will provide excellent value and a proven, ongoing gross profit.

By supplying some of the biggest retailers in the UK, we have developed a customer care package that really sets us apart as a quality name you can trust.

• We are the only Slush machine company in the UK offering a 12 month on site parts & labour warranty, followed by a comprehensive lifetime parts warranty.

• The vast majority of our competitor’s only give you a 12 month return to base (RTB) warranty! We think it’s appalling that having made such a big investment, you have to send it back if it has any problems.


Spin 3 Slush Machine - Best in the world

We know of some retailers who have been without their machines for 3 weeks whilst they get fixed and as we all know, if your slush machine isn’t in your store, it’s not making you any money. Adding in the cost of transport multiplied over the lifetime of the machine and you can be seriously out of pocket.

Ongoing support from a slush company that has been around as long as Snowshock, providing long term partnerships and support, has meant we’ve had some customers for 13+ years with the same slush machine still going strong.

Investing in quality from the outset, teamed with an extensive and quality range of slush flavours will bring real value and proven ongoing profits for your business.