How I make real profit from slush

Snowshock is one of the UK’s leading slush suppliers renowned for helping retailers across the country to earn money from slush.

Ian Smith from Turiff Newsagents provides details of how he has made real profit from selling slush...

“2013 was a great success for slush sales, with the help of a great British Summer we more than doubled our slush sales on 2012.

Of course having a great product to sell certainly helps as well. This will be my 4th year of selling slush and I would definitely recommend Snowshock Slush as the No1 for slush for any retailer looking to add slush sales to what they are already doing. I purchased a Carpigiani Spin Treble machine from them and it has never gone wrong. The additional expenditure on a machine with 3 tanks does help to give you the edge over any competitors that you may have. As well as looking really good, your customers will love the fact that they can have a mix of 3 flavours rather than just 1 or maybe 2.

Whatever you do don’t be lulled by offers from slush suppliers of cheaper slush concentrate! You only get what you pay for. Your customers young and old will appreciate the quality of Snow Shock Slush over cheaper alternatives. I regularly get feedback from customers that they have bought slush elsewhere and they say it just doesn’t match up or come close to the flavour or quality that they get when buying a Snowshock Slush, hence they keep coming back to me!

There are loads of excellent slush syrup flavours available, Extreme Raspberry & Strawberry are my best sellers, you should also give Sour Cherry and Bubblegum a try, your customers will love these too. Remember to take advantage of Snowshock POS, as well as the free posters supplied, why not consider a pavement sign or a wall flag, I have both.”

If you’re a retailer who wants to make profit like Turiff Newsagents, please call SnowShock on 0191 238 6666.